The Eyes of Dante – Our documentary on the Italian poet will be broadcast on ARTE on September 8th 2021 at 22:10

He is considered the greatest European poet of the Middle Ages and his work unfolds the whole panopticon of occidental education – theology, philosophy, sciences, politics and literature. But who has really read it, the “Divine Comedy”? Who knows more of its creator Dante Alighieri than that he had an eagle-like profile and was in […]

Morrocan Gunpowder Girls, broadcast on ARTE 08.02.20, 07:30pm

ARTE broadcasts our documentary about the 25-year-old Morrocan Afrae Ben Bih, who takes part in a Fantasia event – the “game of the gunpowder”. More than 500 horseriders participate and celebrate a 2.000 year old traditional war technique of their ancestors. This has always been a man’s domain, but now women like Afra are changing […]

Dog and Man – The secret relationship of dogs and human beings. Premiere on ARTE at 05.01.2019 at 09:45 pm

ARTE broadcasts on 5th January 2019 at 9:45 pm our documentary “Dog and Man – The secret relationship of dogs and human beings” (Director: Ute de Groot) for which we have been travelling to dogs and their holders worldwide: Huskies in Norway, the dog from the animal shelter that gives new hope to a prisoner […]

The Volcano that Changed the World – premiere on ARTE on 23rd Sept 2017 8:15 pm

ARTE broadcasts on 23rd September 2017 at 8:15 pm our documentary “The Volcano that Changed the World” (directed by Florian Breier + Elmar Bartlmae). For this production, we have visited scientists, historians, archaeologists and volcanologists around the world to report on the consequences of this exceptional volcanic eruption of Mt Tambora 200 years ago. It […]

The Origami Code wins at Jackson Hole!

Last night, our German-French co-production The Origami Code received one of the most prestigious awards in science television. Our documentary won the 2016 Jackson Hole Science Media Award in the section Technology & Innovation.  In the previous months, the film had already received prizes at the Olomouc Science Film Festival in the Czech Republic and […]

Stickers Collecting Fever to open the Kicking + Screening Film Festival in New York on Sept. 13th 2016

Our documentary Stickers Collecting Fever has been selected to open the 2016 edition of the Kicking and Screening  Football Film Festivals in New York on September 13th. Originally we had produced the film for ARD/WDR for the Football World Cup in 2014 and later produced an international Version. Here is the Trailer. Time and venue will follow.

The Origami Code Finalist at the Jackson Hole Science Media Awards

The Jackson Hole Media Awards received more than 500 films to be considered for the competition. We are pleased to announce, that our co-production The Origami Code has been selected as finalist for the section Technology und Innovation. Our film will compete against three productions from the US.  The winner will be announced on 21st September 2016 during a […]



Leonardo Film is an international active TV production company based in Oldenburg, North Germany. We develop and produce high-end documentaries for national and international broadcasters. Our focus is on strong stories in the fields of science, technology and economy.  Our films have been broadcast by the most renowned broadcasters in the world including BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ARTE, ARD and ZDF.

In 2009 Leonardo Film became partner of EEIG which runs an integrated platform for science journalists providing stories on international research. One key element is the production of Video News Releases and their dissemination to European TV networks. Leonardo Film is the main audiovisual producer and runs the media relations and distribution office of For more information, check on

In addition, Leonardo Film also creates compelling moving images for corporations or institutions. For our clients we produce image films, product films or podcasts.


In Production

OFFIS (1 x 3 min)
Production of one institutional video for OFFIS –  The Institute for Information Technology, based in Oldenburg.

Production of one video on the diagnostic technologies of Mosaiques Diagnostics and its potential impact for COVID-19 patients.

In Development

Black Holes Matter (1 x 52/90 min)
For decades astronomers and particle physicists have been searching for dark matter – the origin of a mysterious gravitational force that holds our galaxies together. A new discovery now challenges the current theory of cosmology. Could black holes be the true seeds of everything we know of ?

Millions at Risk ( 7 x 45/52 min)
Explore the fate of seven cities around the globe, which are confronted with a deadly disaster. It is not a matter if this will happen, but when.

The Eyes of Dante (1 x 52min)
700 years after Dante’s death, we are co-producing together with DocArt a documentary about the life and works of the famous Italian poet.

Virtual Treatments (1 x 52min)
How scientists discover new powers of our brain. This documentary investigates latest methods and research in virtual world and provides surprising insights into new medical treatments.

The first Battle of Europe (1 x 52/45 min)
Archaeologists have found 100 skelletons from the Bronze Age in a site in North Germany. Did the first battle of Europe take place here?

Past Productions (Selection):


Moroccan Gunpower Girls (1 x 52min) in Co-Production with ZDF/ARTE
Fantasia is a Moroccan tradition, and also known as the “game of the gunpowder”. More than 500 horses and riders participate and celebrate a 2.000 year old traditional war technique. The festival has always been a man’s domain, but now a 25-year old woman is challenging the rules.

Dogs! (2 x 52 min/1 x 45/ 1 x 30) in Co-Production with WDR/ARTE.
With nearly a billion estimated worldwide, dogs are among the most popular pets in the world. Yet it’s only been relatively recently that we’ve started to really understand the lives of our beloved dogs. This warm hearted documentary looks into dogs’ extraordinary abilities and finds out why dogs have been able to join us in all walks of life – truly earning the name man’s best friend.

Iron Heart (1 x 52 min) in Co-Production with Images of Adventure and ZDF/ARTE, with support of nordmedia.
50 years after the first heart transplant, this science documentary takes a personal view on the science of heart transplantations. Distribution: Albatross World Sales.

Onassis (1 x 52 min) in Co-Production with Stennerfilm and NDR/ARTE with support of nordmedia.
A biography of the Greek businessman, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2016. Distribution: Windrose

Plakat! (1 x 52 min) in Co-Production with DocArt Rome and NDR/ARTE with support of nordmedia.
The history of graphic design and advertising, which started in Germany 120 years ago with the creation of advertising bills.

BRICKER (1 x 12 min)
Production of one institutional video about the European Research Project BRICKER.

The Volcano that Changed the World (1 x 52min) with the support of SWR/ARTE, nordmedia and MFG. 200 years after its devestation, historians are uncovering the global impact of the erruption of Mount Tambora, which killed hundred thousands of people on every continent. Distributed by Lucky You.

The Food Race – pesticides, GMOs and Organic Farming on the Test (1 x 52 min)
One billion people are starving and every second a child dies of hunger and its consequences. At the same time the world’s food production is at its peak level, and the demand for meat is growing not only in the industrial world. This film reveals the causes and impacts of this imbalance and tries to find solutions how we can get prepared to feed up to nine billion people in the next 35 years. The distribution is managed by Albatross World Sales.

The Origami Code (1 x 52min)
How scientists use the ancient art of folding to create the future. With the support of France 5, 3Sat and nordmedia. In collaboration with Fact + Film, Bremen and La Companie des Taxi-Brousse, Paris. The film is being distirbuted by the Paris based company Lucky You!.

Stickers Collecting Fever (1 x 49 min)
The international version of our documentary for WDR/ARD about the craze of collecting football cards. The distribution is managed by Windrose.

R2Cities (5 x 10 min)
Production of four Video News Releases and one institutional video about the European Research Project R2CITIES.

DIRECTION (3 x 10 min)
Production of three Video News Releases about the European Research Project DIRECTION.

COMMNET (9 x 10 min)
Production of nine Video News Releases about innovations in the field of bioeconomy for the internet plattform

HIGHLIGHT (14 x 10 min)
Production of 14 Video News Releases about cutting-edge medical research in Europe. One of the distribution plattforms is

Wonders of Nature (5 x 52/43 min)
Documentary series for Radio Bremen/ARTE featuring Iguazu, Amazonas, Komodo Islands, Halong Bay und the Philippines. With the support of nordmedia. International Distributor: Earthtouch.

Earthquake Snakes – Animals and the Science of Earthquake Prediction (1 x 52/45 mins)
In this documentary we will investigate how animal behaviour and earth movements are related – and how this could lead to a new era of earthquake prediction.With the support of nordmedia. Distribution by LIC China.

NDR Nature – bats (1 x 30 mins)
For NDR’s nature slot we produced a film about bats living in Lower Saxony.

Stradivari’s Heirs (1 x 52min)
Scientists now believe to have discovered the secret of the Stradivari violin and are embarking on a daring experiment. They are now attempting to build a violin that will sound like a Stradivari. Distribution by Windrose.

nano TV (2009/2010)
14 x 10min
Films about nano technology research projects in the EU – funded by the European Commission, a co-production with Gedeon Programmes, Paris and Icon Srl., Milan. You can find more information on this series on

Greentransport TV (2010)
12 x 10min
Films about research projects on sustainable transport issues. This series is funded by the European Commission, a co-production with Gedeon Programmes, Paris and Icon Srl., Milan. You can view the first videos on this series on

Killer Algae (1 x 52min)
Allan Cembella of the AWI in Bremerhaven is developing an innovative new warning system against deadly algal blooms – causing the death of hundreds of people annually. With the support of nordmedia.

Health TV (2008/2009)
13 x 10min
Films about medical research projects in the EU – funded by the European Commission, a co-production with Gedeon Programmes, Paris and Icon Srl., Milan. Check for more information.

Energy TV (2008)
10 x 10min
Films about energy research projects in the EU – funded by the European Commission, a co-production with Gedeon Programmes, Paris and Icons Srl., Milan. Check for more information.

The Wild West Uncovered (2007)
52 min
Mark Twain published his first stories in the same place where modern mining was invented: Virginia City in Nevada. For the first time historians and archaelolgists have joined forces to unravel the real wild west together. Will their efforts lead to the rewrite of American history books?
Production: Gedeon Programmes / Leonardo Film for ARTEFRANCE, RTBF (Belgien), SBS (Australien) and more
Director: Elmar Bartlmae

10 x 5 min
The films look at the risks of global warming and show how scientists are fighting to reduce the problem.
Production: Gedeon Programmes / Elmar Bartlmae for the European Commission. Check for more information.

Life under Napoleon, episode 1 + 2 (2006), MDR, WDR, ARTE
2 x 52 min, 2 x 43min
Production: Looks Film, Leipzig

The Year Without Summer (2005), Discovery, BBC, France2
50 min
Production: Cicada Films, London

The Making of the Rolls Royce Phantom (2004)
DVD for Rolls-Royce Motorcars
Production: Leonardo Film

The Building of the Atomic Bomb (2004), ProSieben
14 min
Production: Welt der Wunder, Munich

YOURIS (2003-2005), European Commission
6 x 5 min
Production: Sternstrasse TV, Munich
Check for more information.

Adventures in Sicily (2003) Kabel1
40 min



Earthquake Snakes

Animals and the Science of Earthquake Prediction

17th January 2012



Stradivari’s Heirs

How Fungi could reveal the secret of a unique sound

5th May 2011




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YOURIS.COM, Brussels


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