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TV Premiere on ARTE: Inside Nature’s Marvels

Our  documentary series  Inside Nature’s Marvels will premiere this wek on ARTE. It starts on Easter Monday at 10:50 am. You can also watch the films on ARTE+7. Check this site for mor information (in German/French only): ARTE

14th April 2014  10:50 am Halong – The Bay of the Dragons (directed by Corinna Hackenbroch)
In this episode the film crew encounters a  floating village inside the Halong Bay of Vietnam and gets very close during the traditional dragon boat race in the bay.

15th April 2014  4:20 pm Iguazu – The Big Water (directed Corinna Hackenbroch)
The filmmakers travel to the largest waterfalls of the world at the Argentinian-Brazilian border – the home of many exotic animals.

16th April 2014  4:15 pm Komodo – Land of the Dragons (directed by Elmar Bartlmae)
This film is about the Komodo Islands in Indonesien – the home of the largest lizards on earth and a unique ressort for marine life .

17th April 2014  4:15 pm Amazon – Nature in Abundance (directed by Elmar Bartlmae)
The film crew travels along the largest river on earth and encounters there the abundance of nature.

18th April 2014  4:20 pm Der Underground River of  Sabang (directed by Rasmus Elsner)
In this episode the filmmaker explores the underground river on the Philippines.