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The Eyes of Dante – Our documentary on the Italian poet will be broadcast on ARTE on September 8th 2021 at 22:10

He is considered the greatest European poet of the Middle Ages and his work unfolds the whole panopticon of occidental education – theology, philosophy, sciences, politics and literature. But who has really read it, the “Divine Comedy”? Who knows more of its creator Dante Alighieri than that he had an eagle-like profile and was in love with a woman named Beatrice? 700 years after Dante’s death, the filmmaker Adolfo Conti travels through Italy with Dante’s words in mind and eyes to see the world as Dante did. As the film encounters the beauty of arts and the Tuscan landscape, the forces of nature, a dramatic life story is unfolded.

The Eyes of Dante is a co-production of Doc Art (Rome), Leonardo Film, SWR/ARTE and RAI CULTURA.