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Post By: Elmar Bartlmae

The Origami Code – German Premiere on 3SAT: 15th Oct 2015 at 8:15pm

Just a few weeks ago our international co-production with fact+film (Bremen) and La Companie de Taxi-Brousse (Paris) was finalised. Before, our author/director François-Xavier Vives had filmed in Japan, USA, France and Germany (Stuttgart and Weimar). The film was edited in Paris and Bremen. Leonardo Film’s role was mainly in producing the international version, which is now in the […]

TV Premiere on ARTE: Inside Nature’s Marvels

Our  documentary series  Inside Nature’s Marvels will premiere this wek on ARTE. It starts on Easter Monday at 10:50 am. You can also watch the films on ARTE+7. Check this site for mor information (in German/French only): ARTE 14th April 2014  10:50 am Halong – The Bay of the Dragons (directed by Corinna Hackenbroch) In this episode the film crew encounters a  floating […]

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